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  • 4x4 Echo Drive

    Feel the adventure from a save distance with one of our 4x4 or Echo drives.

4x4 & Echo Drives

This guided tour starts off at Plato Lodge, but quickly (after only 1km) reaches Daberas Adventures (Kobus and Hannecke Van Coppenhagen). You can look forward to the Richtersveld landscape, which you reach after only 4km into the tour. Go magazine refers to this area as little Richtersveld. Safari 4x4 classes this route as 3-4 and have described it as a sought after route for 4x4 adventure seekers. The route does take you on to a mountain challenge of grade 5 that only experienced 4x4 drivers with properly geared vehicles should take on.

The route will also take you through a 2200ha protected area where no livestock have been kept since 2006 to ensure the growth of vegetation and plant life in this area. Since then Spingbok as well as Oryx have migrated to this protected landscape. Kudu and Klipspringer (Oreotragus oreotragus) populations have grown much larger. Even leopards have re-established themselves here. You will be hard-pressed to see them, but their prints are widespread. There are several lookout points along the route where you can enjoy spectacular views far into Namibia, the Orange River and Augrabies National Park. Our neighbour's ecological approach to managing this piece of land has made it a must-see route, however, make sure you follow the no detours, no u-turn driving rules or else you will be asked to leave the area.

If you are a lover of sand dune 4x4 driving, you will certainly enjoy the dunes at Daberas where your sand driving skills will be put to the ultimate test. Because this area is protected and only established routes are used, this drive is extra special with beautiful scenery all around you.

A once in a lifetime experience awaits you on our Echo drive, where you have the opportunity to see a variety of wildlife including Springbok, Oryx, Eland, Kudu and Blue Wildebeest. You will also see the unique vegetation and plant species of the area, as well as rose quarts filled rocks where you can take a small souvenir to commemorate your trip.

The route takes you to a breathtaking estuary where you can take a quick swim in the river or, if you are a keen photographer, you will have some fantastic photo opportunities. For the avid bird watcher there is the chance to see Fish and Black Eagles, as well as Cormorants. You may also see baboons in the area.